This does not include the "side effects" theme. This was my first ever game jam and I have learned so much. The game and graphics could use some serious polishing, but that's probably never going to happen. The game is a tower defense game with plants that shoot at zombies. I'm sure you know what game this is, but I don't want to get copyrighted so I won't use any of their terms. It was made as a Mintendo game (another company I don't want to be sued by). Thank you to anybody who plays it, it means a lot to me.


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I beat the game B)

(Blanks spaces can't be planted in :( )

Wow It's cool to see that somebody actually beat it!


The only hard part is the start, once you get a whole row of peashooters it's pretty much a win.

FINALLY!! A full row of peashooters :))))))

Very hard to play.

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It requires a lot of work. But I had some fun with it. I can make some art or animations if you would like. This game has promise, so I'd like to see it taken farther.