Play my newer clone, Generic GTA Clone: Mice City
Current issues-  HTML5 version is pretty laggy (on my pc) and may take a minute to start, so consider downloading the Windows version. also, on the HTML5 version, press ESC once or twice to bring up the pause menu and then click "resume" to hide the mouse.

Intro- Welcome to my GTA clone! There is no storyline, but if you kill 10 people then you get an RPG. Press ESC to bring up the pause menu

How it was made- The Godot engine rules. Obviously, Unity or Unreal or any other engine could have created this game in the same time period but only in Godot could a beginner like me make something like this. There are also a lot of free 3d models and other assets online, namely at CGTrader and Sketchfab. All the credits to asset authors can be found in the in-game credits.

Other technical stuff- To create the minimap, I just added a new overhead camera to the scene that displays its output to a designated spot on the screen. For civilian navigation, about 80 nodes were placed around the map, and each civilian measures their distance from each one to find the shortest path (I designed the shortest path to usually not cross the road). When you shoot any gun, the civilians within a certain radius will run in the direction opposite to you, unless they are a cop, then they will face you and shoot you. I originally had a sidewalk in the game but the civilians kept walking off the sidewalk and couldn't get back on so I scrapped it. I also wanted to make blood particles when you shoot a civilian but this caused lots of lag because the bullet particles weren't supposed to collide with the human meshes or something... anyways I didn't want to work on that so I scrapped it as well. 

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
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AuthorTeenage Code
Tags3D, First-Person, Godot, Open World


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I cant turn the camera with mouse

de bad game i ever have play

my defender says its a virus should i still run it?

Most games will say that they are a potential virus because they are just small, quick projects without proper validation settings. It's safe to run. 

best game i ever played

very fun

can i have the source code bro i wanna make something like this

Also im a beginner who have 0 experience in godot

I recommend that you learn the basics of Godot before moving on to a GTA sized- project.  Nothing in specific about the game is actually that hard, its basically just a bunch of assets (map model, sfx, guns, etc) from random places all strung together with code in Godot. Besides, I'm kinda embarrassed by how bad the code is lol. If you want to know about how anything is specific works, just ask!

well i just wanna know how the NPCs works

I had a set of nodes in the world that were positioned all around the map. When the npc reaches one of those nodes (which is detected by an area node), it moves on to the next node. I explainded it a little bit more in this video at about 1:28


the controls are in the game when you press escape